Ken Acosta's Models

The following pictures are of Ken Acosta's models. For more information, Ken can be contacted via E-mail at: His comments are below:
Here is my Eduard 1/48 Nieuport 17 ProfiPack in Raul Lufbery's kit-supplied markings.  This is my first WWI model and will definitely NOT be my last!  Several List members contributed research facts and building techniques that were invaluable in making this a successful project.  The kit was built with several modifications as outlined below:
- The kit cockpit has been almost totally discarded in favor of the separate Eduard photoetch set with scratch-built modifications to the joystick mechanism;
- Frame and seat were painted with Humbrol Tan and several coats of Tamiya Clear Orange, then streaked with Raw Umber oil paint for the grain effect.
- Kit engine has been modified with exhaust manifolds made from brass tubing to replace the 2-dimensional PE parts that came in the kit;
- Back of engine and firewall modified with brass tubing to allow prop/engine to spin;
- Propeller blades thinned to a more realistic shape;
- Prop boss and bolt heads are Copper State Models PE parts;
- Prop painted with method borrowed from Tomasz Gronczewski using Humbrol 29, grain lines from Dark Umber watercolor pencil, transparent wash of Tamiya Buff, several coats of Tamiya Clear Yellow and final coat of Future.
- Replaced molded plastic carburetor intake pipes with brass tubing;
- Lower aft cowl edge thinned to scale thickness;
- Tail skid leaf spring added from PE scrap.
- The wing center section opening has been re-sized and re-shaped.  Spars and leading edge were added from styrene; bracing wires are .008” steel guitar string; (*Note: It wasn't until after the model was completed that I found out that the exposed center section structure was a light honey-colored wood.  The incorrect paint now stands out to me like a very sore thumb!)
- Struts were painted with Humbrol Tan and several coats of Tamiya Clear Orange, then streaked with Raw Umber oil paint for the grain effect;
- Upper wing and struts were attached using Lance Krieg's terrific alignment jig.  This building step that I was most worried about took only a few minutes and ensured a perfectly aligned upper wing.
- Wings and fuselage painted with Floquil Old Silver; plywood areas coated with straight Future, fabric areas coated with flattened Future;
- Cowl is SNJ Aluminum.
- Rigging is a combination of .004” monofilament line and .008” steel guitar string;
- Control cables are stretched sprue.
- Restrained use of artist's oils for stains.
Windsock Datafile 20; Nieuport 17 by J. M. Bruce, Albatros Productions, Ltd., 1999
Windsock Datafile Special; Nieuport Fighters by J. M. Bruce, Albatros Productions, Ltd., 1993
- Nieuport Aces of World War I by Norman Franks, Osprey Publishing, 2000

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