WWI Models
by Michael Arlt

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This page is the main page for images of models built by Michael Arlt . Each thumbnail will take you to a separate page with several images of that model. Some pages will have images of several different models. For more information, Michael can be contacted via E-mail at: mia at agenturk13 dot de .

Scratch Built 1/48 scale Gotha G.I

Kit: scratch (1:48)

inspired by manel gallart's beautiful gotha g.i i took up work on mineagain. the benz engines, wheels and gondola fairings are resin cast (thelatter ones using manel's mould --- muchas gracias, my friend), prop bossesfrom part, guns modified tom's modelworks.

A work in progress, I used cardboard, paper, sheetaluminium, plywood and balsa.

Kasyanenko No. 5

Kit: Scratch (1:48)

here are some progress pics of my 1/48 scratchbuilt kasyanenko no.5 experimental pusher.

fuselage is resin/cardboard, interior plastic profiles/card, wings and flying surfaces cardboard/paper, prop laminated wood, spinner heatformed plastic card. wheels and seat are eduard. if i ever get one, the engine will be a vector monosoupape ...

references for this interpretation are "russian aeroplanes 1914 - 1918" by mikhail maslov and a russian site:


Scratch Built 1/48 scale Morane G

Kit: scratch (1:48)

I seize the opportunity and attach three further pictures. they show the progress of another 1/48 project, a Morane-Saulnier type G, scratchbuilt from cardboard, paper and sheet aluminium, too.

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