Pfalz Models
by Bill Arnold

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Rosemont Pfalz E.I

Kit: Rosemont (1:72)

This is the Rosemont resin kit of the Pfalz EI. Very nice kit. A jig was thoughtfully provided for scratch-building the l/g and rigging pylons. A control stick and rudder pedals were added to the interior along with leadfoil seatbelts. A windscreen was also scratched and added.

The rib tapes are decal film as are the longeron reinforcement strips. The kit is rigged with ethicon stainless, and the national markings are a hodge podge of Americal Gryphon, Icm, and spares box left overs. The wings were "pinned" in four places with .017 guitar string.

Special thanks to Karl Juelch for the kit, and to Dave Rhuling for the use of his WSDF #59.

ICM Pfalz E.IV

Kit: ICM (1:72)

This is the ICM Pfalz EIV. There are many problems with this kit. I attempted to correct some of the most glaring errors. The fuselage was shortened by 5/16" and new wings were scratched from .040 plastic card. I should have scratched a new cowling, but I lack the experience, and the equipment for that undertaking.

The model is fully rigged with Ethicon stainless. Special thanks to Barry Stettler for the technical assistance, and to Dave Rhuling for the loan of his WDSF #59.

Roden Pfalz D.III

Kit: Roden (1:72)

This is the Roden Pfalz DIII. Rigged with Ethicon .005 stainless. Reference used was profile #43. This plane is from Jasta 5... pilot unknown. The "Silbergrau" is a homebrew.

The aileron control "bumps" were removed and replaced with flytying lead. The upper and lower wing crosses are AmericalGryphon. The red and white stripe decal is from the Meikraft kit. The remaining decals are from the kit. Special thanks to Ken Henderson for the inspiration, and the "Silbergrau" recipe.

Roden Pfalz D.III

Kit: Roden (1:72)

This is the Roden Pfalz DIII. Built OOB and rigged with Ethicon .005 stainless. National markings are Americal Gryphon, and personalized markings are left overs from the Meikraft kit. This is Vzfw Barth's plane according the the profile book which was used as reference. Copper wire from an extension cord was used as fuel lines, and seat belts are lead foil.

Roden Pfalz D.IIIa

Kit: Roden (1:72)

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. When I first saw this model in 1/48 I knew I had to try to duplicate it in 1/72. I contacted Ken Henderson, and asked for his help and permission. He gladly gave both. Seeing as he had already researched the plane, most of the work was over. Now to build the kit.

This is the Roden Pfalz DIIIa. Built OOB, and rigged with Ethicon stainless. The lozenge and rib tape decals are Eagle Strike. The instructions say the colors were researched by three of our list I feel they are accurate. The orange diamonds are left-overs from the Meikraft kit. National insignias are a mixture of kit and Super Scale.

The fuselage stripes were achieved by taking the original decal sheet, and reducing it. Scotch Magic tape was cut to match the decals and applied over a black chrome painted fuselage. Templates for the rudder and horizontal were made from .010 plastic card. Then tape was cut to match the templates and applied over the pre-painted Insignia white surfaces.

Brass fuel lines and replaced control horns were they only items added in the construction. The horizontal and rudder control horns are Evergreen stock, and the top wing controls are fly tying lead.

Special thanks to Ken for all his help.

Pegasus Pfalz D.XII

Kit: Pegasus (1:72)

Pegasus Pfalz D.XII. Built OOB...fully rigged. Decals are Aero Master lozenge. Reference was a photo of the real plane at the Champlain Museum in Mesa Az.

Toko Pfalz D.XII

Kit: Toko (1:72)

The Toko Pfalz DXII finished as Lt. Klein's. Built OOB, and rigged with Ethicon .005 stainless. Lots of problems with the center section "W" struts. They need re-shaping badly.

Pfalz Dr.1

Kit: Merlin (1:72)

This is the Merlin Pfalz Dr1. It was a gift from Dave Rhuling. No need to go into gory details about the shortcomings of this kit. Its a dog, plain and simple.

All the struts are scratched, as is the interior. The national markings are Americal Gryphon. The serial # is cobbled together from a super scale sheet. The color is Ray Rimmel's formula for silbergrau.

All rigging is Ethicon .010 stainless. The cowling is white metal that was polished with "Never Dull" and dipped in Future.

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