Albatros Models
by David Burke

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This is the 1/72 Albatros D.Va from Eduard done mainly from the box. The wood effect is done with artists oils and several coats of a Future floor wax and drafting ink 'varnish'. It is rigged with .008 fly tying thread. This has got to be one of the neatest little kits out there and is acting as the impetus for more 1/72 modeling.

This is the Eduard Albatros D.V kit which I modified to a D.Va from Jasta 49. I used wood-grain decal along with a Future and food coloring 'varnish' to add depth and the yello tinge. I also added a hand-carved prop and rigging from fly-tying thread. The lozenge is from Copper State. I hadn't planned to build it - it just happened, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

This model represents the Albatros D.V flown by von Hippel from Jasta 5. It is the 1/48 Eduard kit, and wears a two-tone upper camouflage of lilac and green. It is my first attempt at using surgical wire for rigging. I am especially proud of the prop - it is only my second hand-carved one, and I had more fun doing it than the rest of the model!

This is the 1/48 Eduard kit of the Albatros D.III representing the aircraft flown by Lt. Werner Voss of Jasta 2. The model was finished pretty much out of the box except that I separated the ailerons and added the control arms to them. I also added the strangely deleted radiator piping to the kit with fine solder. Wood graining was done with oil paints, and the rigging was done with fine nylon thread.

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