by David Burke

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Kit: Blue Max (1:48)

These are some build-up pics of my Blue Max D.H.2. The kit is overall nicely done. But I have made additions. These are 2 pics of the prop. It is my first attempt at a 4-bladed one and I am happy with it. Also, here is a close-up of the nice little Monosoupape engine - a neat little kit in itself!

Here again is a wicker seat - only that it is in 1/48, not 1/28! Many hours went into it, but it looks O.K. where it is. It is mounted of the somewhat spartan floorboard, but I dolled that up too with rudder control cables and other little bits.

I automatically assumed that I would have to replace the Lewis Gun with a CSM one. How wrong I was! The white-metal gun in the kit is a little jewel of a casting, and lends itself well to detail.

Finally, 2 shots of the cockpit. I added some instrumentation and other controls not supplied with the kit. It makes the 'office' look more complete!

Images of the completed model.

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