Dr. Larry Crabb's 1/6th scale WWI Aerodrome

The following photos were taken by Dr. Larry Crabb ( docc@aristotle.net ) of his 1/6th scale WWI aerodrome. The descriptions of the pictures are his own.

Thanks go to Douglas R. Jones ( djones@iex.com ) for providing me with the scanned images.

Lt. von der Marwitz' 4203/17 Pfalz D-IIIa

S.P.A.D. S. XIII; Pilot unknown

152/17 - MvR's Fokker DR-I

An allied aerodrome somewhere near Chateau-Therry, France: circa 1918

Jasta 5 at Boistrancourt - 1917 - showing a Pfalz D-IIIa, an old Halberstadt D-II, an Albatros D-Va and a DR-I

A Nieuport 27; Maj. Bishop's S.E. 5a; and a SPAD XIII on an allied flight line somewhere near Cambray, France

An aerial view of an allied make-shift squadron near the end of the war. An old DH-4 is shown here in the foreground

A Halberstadt D-II , Albatros and DR-I in the spring of 1917

Ltn. Werner Voss poses by his Albatros D-Va

Ltn. Manfred von Richthofen's DR-I after assuming command of Jagdstaffel Boelcke - 1917

Jasta 10 get their first Fokker D-II delivered in 1918.

Major Bishop and his S.E. 5a somewhere near Quency, France

A visiting Sopwith Camel 1F.1 gets a engine tune-up. Pilot and squadron are unknown

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