WWI Models
by Bruce Dyck

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This page is the main page for images of models built by Bruce Dyck . For more information, Bruce can be contacted via E-mail at: bruce dot dyck at mts dot net .

Hobby Craft 1/32 Camel

Kit: Hobby Craft (1:32)

This is a 1/32 Hobby Craft Camel, pretty much OOB. It is not a bad kit. My main quibbles are with the cockpit and the upside-down machine guns, along with the stuff Fraser May pointed out in his much more detailed build of the same kit The wings received a lot of sanding, and I articulated the ailerons. I built this kit, mainly to have some fun playing with some paint and rigging ideas, the paint I think I like, the rigging, I'm not so sure. I tried "steel thread", with mixed success. The markings are the ones that came with the kit, supposedly from No. 43 Sqn., RAF.


This is the kit that brought me to "The List". It is the Hobbycraft 1/32 SPAD XIII, "Aces" It was ready for rigging, but an un-expected "flight" caused the loss of the upper wing, several shattered spars, amongst other damage. As I was faced with a fair amount of re-construction I decided to re-work a few things. I'll apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures. It is my first attempt with a digital camera and I am not that happy with the result.

Unfortunatly I couldn't get a good shot of the interiour of the cockpit. Due to limited access the only addition here will be seatbelts. Thanks to a lot of help and patience from the group, I decided on two types of tape stuck together, with a latch made from wire. Unfortunately they appear "shiny" in the picture, probably a combination of the flash and the bonding agent I used to make sure the latches stayed in place. I was disapointed with the colour instructions provided with the kit. The instructions called for Five Colour French Camouflage and only listed four colours. My search for the other colour in turn led me to join "The List." The kit came with two decal options, Rickenbacker's, or Nungesser, I originally chose Rickenbacker's but am re-thinking. There is an anonymous SPAD in the windsock data file that has caught my interest.

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