Guy Fawcett's Models

The following pictures are of Guy Fawcett's models. For more information, Guy can be contacted via E-mail at:
Three more R/C Models

The Bristol F2B is my own design and has a wingspan of 96" (1/5 scale) weighs 19 lbs and is powered by a Super Tigre 2500.

The DH 2 is a Falcon Kit with a wingspan of 21.5" Scale 1/16 and a 7 cell 50 mAh battery pack.

The SE5 is based on Dennis Byrant plans and represents William Bishop's WWI fighter. The model is 1/6 scale with a wingspan of 53" and weighs about 7.5 lbs with batteries. The aircraft is covered with Antique Coverite and painted with acrylic latex exterior house paint and craft paints for the markings. After all the painting was complete the plane was clear coated with Johnson's Future (an acrylic floor protector). For power it has an electric Astro Flight Cobalt 40 with a Superbox running on 18 cells and driving a Zinger 16 x 12 prop. BTW This is the same model that you have uncovered in the Single Model Images.

Halberstadt D-II

The model is built to a scale of 1:9.6 and has a wingspan of 36". The plane is radio controlled with working ailerons, full flying rudder and elevator and electronic speed control. The power is provided by a tiny 6v electric motor driving the 9" prop through a comercial gearbox. The test flight was quite satisfying with the plane behaving extremely well.

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