Diego Fernetti's 1/72nd Albatros D.II

Kit: Pegasus

Diego Fernetti's 1/72nd Albatros D.I

Albatros D.I parts - Based on the Esci kit and made before the "Albatros Cook-up", here are some scratch built parts I made to detail the cockpit

From above to bottom they're a Windhoff "ear" radiator (2 required), rudder pedals and supporting fixture and control column. The pencil needs to be sharpened.

Same parts plus the other radiator, the tail support for servicing the airplane, a white metal engine and the undercarriage assembly, made with Strutz.

Cockpit assembled, minus control column, tach support and pedals.

Bulkhead, floor, seat and compass, ready to install.

Cockpit port sidewall detail.

Cockpit starboard sidewall detail.

Unpainted scratchbuilt Albatros DI wings. Made by wrapping scored acetate over styrene cores. The lower wings still uncut from each other.

Front bulkhead, showing MG butts and ammo containers.

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