Diego Fernetti's 1/35th Stormtrooper

German Stormtrooper, 1/32nd scale, modified Warriors kit I changed the trousers of the original figure for the putees and put a grenade (kit provided) in his right hand instead of the rifle. The hand itself is scratchbuilt with a bit of styrene and miliput for the fingers. I added a gasmask container (not included in the kit) and replaced the original rifle for another suitable mauser carbine. All straps are made with thin foil. I painted the figure with enamels and pastel pencils. One of the most striking feature of the kit is the excellent resin base, a lump of mud that shows a british helmet, a rifle stock, a piece of corrugated metal and even a bit of barbed wire molded into! A pain to paint it, though.

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