WWI Models
by Tracy Hancock

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This page is the main page for images of models built by Tracy Hancock . Each thumbnail will take you to a separate page with several images of that model. Some pages will have images of several different models. For more information, Tracy can be contacted via E-mail at: atlporkchop at yahoo dot com .

Deutsche Luft-Reederei Hansa Brandenburg W.29

Kit: MPM (1:72)

MPM's W.29 modified as a late model with the Benz Bz.IIIa engine, modified late style radiator and scratchbuilt exhaust. Part PE interior, kit lozenge, Blue Rider DLR postal decals (from their sheet for civil LVG C.VIs). Rudder control cable entry points moved forward to their proper location, struts detailed with stretched sprue, additional window added to the front lower fuselage, scratchbuilt wing mounted air speed indicator and compass added. Full build article available in the October, 2005 Internet Modeler.

Bulgarian Fokker D-VII

The Revell 1/72 kit converted to a 2 seater used byBulgaria after the war. Interior, control horns andthe windscreen are all scratched and the model ispainted with Model Master Radium Tan. The upper andlower wing registrations were masked using vinylletters and the fuselage is dry transfer lettering.Rigging is invisable thread colored with marker. Theweathering was done with pastels and oil washes blownacross the bottom of the fuselage.Many thanks to all on the list for advise and inspiration.

Italian civil Fokker E.V

Kit: Eduard (1:72)

Eduard kit, almost OOB. I added fuel and oil fillers, breather tubes and fuel gauge to the top decking as well as used Fotocut wheels. Decals came from the spares box....one letter at a time. The kit was not bad until you get to the PE struts and landing gear assembly, then it became quite fiddley. I added a cockpit coaming from white glue and replaced the hand pump in the cockpit with one from stretched sprue, as well as added cross bracing wires to the interior. Fred's wheels were not too bad to assemble, but the PE added some thickness to the completed wheels, next time I would sand down the white metal wheel halves. Color scheme is unproven, but I believe correct. The photo I based this model on was taken in 1927, the year after the Italians won the Schneider Cup in those snazzy all-red Macchi's, the dark color of the fuselage in the photo could be red. As always, you should jump to your own conclusions. A tip of the hat to Roberto Anderwill, who's model of I-ELIA in it's later all silver scheme inspired this build.

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