Sopwith Pup on a Turret Ramp (or around a model in 36 days)
by Martín Héctor Afflitto Echagüe

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Like this the story goes,

On thursday 30th ,september I met as every thursday with some friends to have lunch and to talk about building kits. Every time that the most important competition of Argentina gets near, the Annual of CMA, we speculate about the same thing:

Who will win in aeroplanes? It is always the same reality; some American or German WW2 aeroplane or a big Russian jet,French or a Usa one. It is a Phallic matter the longer and cilinder the better. UMM!!!!!!!

I defended my preference for the WW1 aeroplanes they can be as interesting as anyone . They challenged me. Hey Martin will you be able to build an spectacular WW1 aeroplane kit ? Well, my crazy mind and quick mouth accepted the challenge; the condition was that it should be from scratch"" ###$$$!!!! Well, What can I build?.

It could be some fighter in 1/8 I had a project going around somewhere in my studio,sometime ago I bought the drawings for that.? It wouldn't be funny,there would be no competitors. The scale should be 1/48. But what can I build? An airfield? that's commonplace and complicated to do it well. A Turret Ramp!!

If original,that could do,but I must have part of the ship,a battle cruise,of that I have information, With what plane? there aren't many only some Sopwiths Camel?, Strutter?, Pup? Yes!, a Pup kit because there isn't such kit in Buenos Aires nowadays. I look for information; the most beautiful Pup is the type 3 with "Le Perieur" rockets and a Lewis. Well enough with words. It will be a Sopwith Pup,on a turret ramp, with part of a battle cruise and some figures at least 3;that's the challenge and in 36 days.

UMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!! This I've read it somewhere else...I feel like Philleas Fogg. Set to work.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

Day 36

The day has come, but Phineas Fogg has not arrived on time (the wager is lost, but not all!) The gun turret will compete at the modeling show, but with a loaned Sopwith Pup. Some of the wager trustees think that the wager was fulfilled, but I don't feel so. For the next modeling show at Rosario the WHOLE model must be completed.

Now I let Diego, of the not so far North, speak: "I'm quite impressed with this model. I think that is unbelievable that he achieved such a large and detailed model in such a short time. He's now weathering the decks and turret and giving some final touches to the superstructure. I really can't blame him to fail to finish the Sopwith, as it should be a complex model by itself and he even want to display it as being serviced (utter madness!). Tomorrow we will hear the dictum of the judges, but I'm sure that his model will be awarded by its originality and complexity. The diorama depicts a mid-ship turret of an Invincible class warship."

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