Allied Models
by Will Hendriks

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Roden Bristol F2B Fighter

This is the Bristol F2B Fighter from Roden in 1/72 scale, done as a 11 Squadron machine as flown by Capt. Andrew McKeevor and Sgt L.A. Powell. A complete build article can be found in the December 2003 Internet Modeler.

The kit was built with quite a few improvements, most from the PART photoetch set for this kit. The Rolls Royce Falcon engine is a little gem, as are most of the engines included with Roden kits now.

The majority of painting was done with various acrylics. Rigging is heat stretched sprue, with turnbuckles made of blobs of Testors gold enamel.

Eduard Sopwith Camel 2F.1

Here is the 1/48 kit built to represent Capt. B.A.Smart's aircraft from H.M.S. Furious. A complete build article can be found in the March 2004 Internet Modeler.

The model was painted mostly with acrylics from various sources: Testors Acryl, Gunze and Citadel. This model was a test shot, so did not come with decals. I used roundels from Eaglestrike sheet 48081 "Camels Part I", and some Reheat instrument dials.

Rigging is nylon monofilament for the double flying wires and stretched sprue for the rest. Turnbuckles are blobs of Testors PLA Gold enamel.

Overall a fine model that I enjoyed building.

Eduard Hanriot HD.1

This is the 1/48 scale kit out of the box, non-Profi version. The model represents the aircraft as flown by S.Lt Willy Coppens, 9e Escadrille, May, 1918.

The model was painted with a mix of Floquil and Humbrol enamels. I chose not to use the decal provided for the blue and white tail markings, painting it instead. The only changes to the kit were to cut out and deflect the control surfaces and to add rigging with heat stretched sprue. I also added a fuel filler cap on the spine from a disc punched out of styrene card.

Fantastic kit, easy to construct and a great value.

Eduard Nieuport 17

This is the Eduard 1/48 Nieuport 17 built from the "R.F.C." kit, which is a non-Profi edition. The Eduard etched set for the Nieuport 17 48249 was incorporated into this build.

The model is finished in the markings of (then) Capt. William A. Bishop, 60 Squadron, RFC, 1917.

The model was finished overall with various enamels. The aluminum dope finish is Floquil Old Silver airbrushed with a Bink's Wren.

Fantastic kit, easy to construct and a great value.

Roden Nieuport 28

1/48 scale kit built as 6144 as flown by James Meissner, 94th Aero Squadron, May 1918.

Painted with Misterkit French WWI range of acrylic colours for exterior, Gunze and Citadel acrylics and Testors Acryl for interior and assorted details. Cowling is Citadel Mithril Silver thinned and fortified with Future sprayed on with an airbrush. Red "lightning bolt" on the cowl is a homemade decal, the rest are kit decals. Rigging is heat stretched sprue painted steel, with turnbuckles indicated with gold PLA enamel.

A delightful kit that went together very quickly. Most of the time was spent painting and applying decals!

For a complete build review, see the May 2004 issue of Internet Modeler.

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