Fokker Model Images
by John Huggins

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Kempf's Fokker Dr.1

The model of Kempf's Dr.1 is the Revell kit built out of the box with Almark decals. This model was built a number of years ago, and took 3rd place and Out of the Box trophies either at the St. Louis or Seattle Nationals, which just goes to show that you don't have to be a super detailer to place at the Big Dance.

von Richthofen's Fokker Dr.1

The all red plane is the Roden kit. Construction was about the same as the Eduard kit with the exception of the wing struts. On the Eduard kits, they are single piece struts that pass through the center wing. The Roden kit gives you separate upper and lower struts. This model was painted with an overall dark red over the CDL undercoat.

Overall, I think the Eduard kit is a little easier to build, but a very nice looking Dr.1 can be built from either kit. The outline and size look like they belong to the Dr.1 and match the drawings I have. Either kit would make a nice addition to any collection, and is head and shoulders above the Airfix and Revell offerings.

von Richthofen's early Fokker Dr.1s

These are the Eduard F.1 and Dr.1 built out of the box as MvR's early triplanes. The kits went together very well and I had very little filling to do. I used the Rosemont correction parts for the elevator and ailerons to correct the F.1, but the rest of the kit was from the box.

The F.1 was painted overall turquoise, then dry brushed with a dark green. The F.1s had a green cast to their finish, where the Dr.1s had a brownish tint to their green. The Dr.I was painted overall with a linen color which was a little on the yellow side. Then the turquoise was painted on the lower surfaces, followed by the dry brushing with a dark brown green on the sides and top surfaces. the next step was to put the decals on, followed by an over coating of red on the upper wing and rear fuselage.

Voss's Fokker F1

Here are some shots of my Fokker F1 from Eduard. it is finished as Voss's aircraft (102/17).

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