Witold Kozakiewicz's Fokker Models

Fokker D.VI, Jasta 80b
Eduard OOB.

Fokker E.III, KEK Habsheim - Ernst Udet, spring, 1916.
Eduard OOB, not easy to build. Lots of fun with rigging.

Fokker E.V, 7 Eskadra Mysliwska (Fighter Squadron)- por. Stefan Stec, Lwów, spring 1919.
Stec was Polish ace of WWI, He served in A-H army in Flik 3J. After Great War he joined Polish Air Force and on this plane he was fighting against Russian in Polish-Soviet War. Model is Eduard built OOB, Not sure if markings on the wings are correct. Most probably they should wrap around wings with no border. This type was for sure applied after repaint this plane green on all surfaces.

Fokker D.II, Lt. “Fritz” Grünzweig, Ensheim -1916
Gavia build OOB. Main problem was to assemble wing struts, no pins and holes, but after several tries I managed to finish it.

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