Witold Kozakiewicz's German Models

Halberstadt Cl.IV

This is 1/72nd Ardpol Halberstadt CL.IV. I used some PE details from various WWI PART sets. Wing radiator and fuel tank came from set for Roden Pfalz D.III, compass in lower wing from Airmo Albatros C.V, parabellum from Gotha G.V. I also used PE details for seatbelts, Spandau gun, control horns and some minor parts but I can't recall from which sets I took them. I scratchbuilt flare pistol and grenades seen near the gunner seat. I used kit decal, with Techmod lozenge. Ribtapes came from ALPS/OKI.

This is very good model, and I can recommend it to everyone. More images and text in Polish can be found at: http://www.modelarstwo.org.pl/lotnicze/galeria/kozakiewicz/halb_cliv/index.html.

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