French Aircraft Model Images
by Lance Krieg

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Eduard's 1/48 Profipack kit of the N.17, finished as Number 7, "Dedette III" of Escadrille 15. I added the usual additional cockpit, gun, engine, and fuselage details. I expanded the upper wing clear panel to more nearly its correct size, and covered it with clear tape, trimmed to fit.

The aluminum cowl is finished with SNJ, and the rest of the plane sprayed with a toned-down aluminum paint mix. The N.15 "helmet of Bayard" crest was sprayed through a homemade mask cut in .005 plastic. I wish some decal manufacturer would produce a set of French squadron insignia...

The SPAD is DML's 1/48 kit in the colors of the John Huffer's Kellner-built 7662 of the US 93rd Aero Squadron, but made famous as the mount of defector O.J. Gude. The kit is quite complete, and additions were confined to a new prop, cabane struts, gun and cockpit details, and a bomb rack.

Another Aurora kit, the Bebe Nieuport actually builds up pretty nice with a litt le effort and a lot of sanding. You have to supply your own details, though, be cause Aurora sure didn't.

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