WWI Models
by Rodrigo Laboureau

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This page is the main page for images of models built by Rodrigo Laboureau . He can be contacted via E-mail at: ralejandro at mi dot madritel dot es . Here is what he has to say about his models: Hello, my name is Rodrigo and actually I`m living in Spain. I was born in Argentina 31 years ago. I'm and architect and a lover of flying models in every categories. I build plastic models too. I enjoy scale models And I have learned a lot about scale details searching in plastic model magazines.

Peanut Scale Albatros D-III

Here I send you a poor definition photos I just take with a web cam. I`m going to buy a good camera next week and then I`ll take better photos. The model is an Albatros DIII. It`s 33cm. wingspan and it weights only 7,5 grs . Its built with selected balsa wood and blue foam covered with japanese tissues. Wings and tail is covered with condenser paper and all is airbrushed with Tamiya acrylic paints thinned with alcohol.Details are made of aluminium foil and others. I expect it could flight around a minute. This model is a "peanut scale". This is an indoor flying model category. Contests consist on flying time score and static judge score.

Peanut Scale Morane Saulnier L

I have finished another model a couple of months ago. It`s a Morane Type L. It`s a another "Peanut Scale class" like the Albatros DIII. The model is based on Flashback kit 1/48 (three views and colour scheme) and many photos searching web pages. The Morane just weights 4,5 grams ready to fly (without rubber motor).

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