Albatros Fighters
by Bob Laskodi

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von Richthofen's Albatros D.II

The model is the 1/48 Eduard Albatros D.II (non-Profipack) flown by Manfred von Richthofen. I built this before the profipack version was released, using CSM Spandau's, various Eduard P/E pieces, and John Cyg's awesome decals. The kit builds like a Tamiya with no problems! Go out and buy a bunch to encourage Eduard to stay in the WWI business! The model was featured on the cover of the November 2001 issue of Airandseamodels Webzine (fee modeling e-zine).

Eduard Albatros D.III

Eduard Albatros D.III in 1/48. Details on construction can be found on the Modeling Madness Webzine.

Freidrich Navratil's Albatros D.III

1:48 Blue Max Albatros D.III OEF Series 253 flown by A-H ace Freidrich Navratil.

Eduard Albatros D.III (OAW)

Model is the Eduard 1/48 Albatros D.III OAW. Full build details will be appearing soon at Modeling Madness.

Loerzer's Albatros D.V

The model is the new issue 1/48 Eduard Profipack Albatros D.V done as Bruno Loerzer's aircraft. Full build details can be found at (a subscription modeling e-zine). This has got to be the best and easiest to build WWI model to date, so go out and buy a bunch of these!

Eduard von Scleich's Albatros D.V

Eduard 1/48 Albatros DV in Eduard von Scleich color's. Details on construction will be appearing soon on the Hyperscale Webzine.

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