Fraser May's Artwork

I've been painting and doing the odd book cover in one medium or another most of my life, For the last 15 years my work was mostly marine. After we left Rio I thought it was time for a change and since I've always loved 'planes and painting skies I thought hey, why not? And what could be more intriguing and colourful than WWI aircraft. Ostensibly, the prime reason for my building WWI models is to give me something to draw from to create paintings...They have a life of their own do models..."detail me, replace the struts"...and I obey. Neither of these paintings pretends to portray any particular incident. 'Dogfight' was my first. The Camel was done without access to a model or even a decent photo. The second painting, 'Albatri' was worked up with my DV clamped in a 'third hand' out in the sun. I had fun figuring out the perspective for the edelweiss on Baumers DV...

Black Maria

This painting represents Flt. Ltn. Ray Collishaw RN shooting down an Albatros DIII, which may or may not have been Ltn. Karl Allmenroder's. Opinions, and records, differ. There's more at my home site

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