Austro-Hungarian models
by Grzegorz Mazurowski

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Toko Aviatik Berg D.I

June 9, 2003

This is my newest project, 1/72 Toko Aviatik Berg D.I built by Lohner and flown by Frank Linke-Crawford in the Flik 60/J.

I'm detailing the interior with highly modified Part PE parts - the original set is rather old and not very accurate. I made small round windows in the fuselage sides in front of the control panel, built completely new seat (with the Eduard PE seatbelts), added throttle quadrant (from Part PE Avro 504 set) and I modified kit engine (in fact I used only the cyllinders from the kit) detailed with the spare parts from the Roden Oeffag D.III kit and some scratchbuilt things. The wings are covered with the Americal/Gryphon decals, in which I'm replacing the "Prussian Blue" hexes from the darkest stripes with the mid-blue ones - as you see, it isn't already finished - in fact, it's just started, on one of the lower wings.

June 11, 2003

Fuselage is closed and I started to apply decals. Americals are fabulous with the ModelMaster setting solution - you can see it especially around the cockpit. Fuselage decal is before correction of the colours. Wings are ready, after the colours correction. Compare with the previous photo. Yes, I applied a lot of new mid-blue single hexes. Yes, I too heard that some people on this list are really insane ;-). Crosses are A/G (original kit crosses were a bit undernourished) and the "L" is from the EE kit (Toko did it wrong, with the black interior).

24 October, 2004

Now all the parts are painted and are waiting for final assembly. All the decals are applied and corrected by placing lighter blue hexes instead of some which were very dark blue. Some irregularities in hex distribution are intentional (eg. left aileron). So now I have only add spokes for the second wheel, assembly all, add some weathering and finally rig all that... Colours look slightly different than on the previous pictures - as this time I was using digicam to take the pictures (instead of the scanner).

Brumowski's Albatros D.III (Oeffag)

Godwin Brumowski's Albatros D.III (Oeffag)

This is old Pegasus kit, updated a bit with various stuff: PE parts and scratchbuilt details. For the sworls I used excellent Brazilian FCM decals, in fact "Wet Transfers" (after normal, wet application of the decals you can remove the clear film). Please note the overpainted serial number on the fuselage!

Curtiss-Paulhan F

Curtiss-Paulhan F

This is one of the first Austro-Hungarian flying boats, two Custisses were purchased in France a year before the Great War. Plane was flown by best A-H Naval ace, Gottfried Banfield. Model is Luedemann's Resin, with heavily modified nose section. Control panel is rather fictional, I did it before I had any pictures of the original plane interior, basing on the kit parts.

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