WWI Models
by Tim Neelin

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This page is the main page for images of models built by Tim Neelin . Each thumbnail will take you to a separate page with several images of that model. Some pages will have images of several different models. For more information, Tim can be contacted via E-mail at: tneelin at hotmail dot com .

Roden Fokker EV

It is of a subject that has yet to receive personal markings, because some of the kit's decals didn't make it. The wing and some other areas were painted in Misterkit Fokker Green. The 4 colour lozenge is from Americal Gryphon. The wheels and engine are from Aeroclub, and rigging is stainless steel wire. The Part photo etch set was also used.

Toko 1/72 Nieuport 11

This is the Toko Nieuport 11 done as a French aircraft, pilot unknown. It is painted in Misterkit French CDL, with Testors Tan enamel trim. The Lewis gun and engine are Aeroclub items, and it was detailed using the Part photo etch for this kit. It was rigged using 5 thou stainless steel wire from Small Parts. The ribs were high-lighted with watercolour pencil.

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