Greg Padilla's Models

The following pictures are of Greg Padilla's models. For more information, Greg can be contacted via E-mail at: His comments are below:

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Notes: All planes are used for Wargamming. I used the Blue Max Fourth Edition. Compared notes and ideas with Ray Trochim. I use a "Battle Masters" playing mat for the games surface. I also use 1' rods w/ hex bases to use for elevation during the game. I use a hot glue gun that mounts the clamps & wire to the plane so they can be used w/the elevation rods. Pics of the planes in flight and "Crashed planes" will soon follow.

Here are some Allied planes. The first one is a Bristol F2B Night Fighter, from the "Black Cats" sqaudron. This goes with my Se5a Night Fighter on the previous page. Note the toned down roundals & tail markings plus the noise reduction pieces on the mufflers. Next is a slew of early Nieuports from different countries to include a Belgian Nieuport 12 (2-seater) a resin kit; Some Russian "Skull" Tails and the standard French plane with Charles Nungessor's infamous marking, The black heart. A pair of Morane Saulnier's. The Brisish Saulnier is from an old Revell kit, the other is off the market Russian Kit. Next we have some Spad's. The Spad VII is an old Airfix kit with the "Storks" markings. The other two are Spad XIII's, one with French and the other with American Markings. The French Marking from an book, "The Illustrated History of the Air Forces of World I and World War II" copyrighted in 1979. Kits are from Revell and Academy respectively.

OK, I gave you enough of the Allies, now some more Germans. First we have a Pegasus kit, an L.V.G. C.VII, not too bad assembling, and paints up real nice. Here are planes from Jasta 35 and Jasta 6. These markings are from Superscale Decals for Fokker D.VII's and from various Windsock Datafiles. Next is a pair of Fokker E.V's. The yellow/black checkerboard is an Eduard's Sea Eagle. A pair of Fokker D. VII's that belong to Hipple and Gabriel, and Albatros D.V's belongoing to Veltjen and Richthofen. A closer look at the red Albatros...Richthofen's own. Next is a pair of Siemens Schukert D.III "Udet's", and D.V, both are kits from Toko. And last but not least a Pfalz DIII vacuform Kit.

Here is some Vacumn Form Planes that I assemble:

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