Greg Padilla's New Photos

The following pictures are of Greg Padilla's models. For more information, Greg can be contacted via E-mail at: His comments are below:

The first two is how I store my planes when traveling to and from Gaming Conventions and Moving. I have several boxes that are decorated with WWI aircraft markings.

The pics w/"CR" are the Crashed Planes...these give the deadly reminder on the gaming map on those pilots who should have "Checked Six".

The Gaming Maps are from the "Battle Masters" game from MB. The elevation poles are taped off in 5-different colors representing; Very High, High, Medium, Low and Very Low. the poles are 1' rodes w/threads and mounted to a 3/4" hexagon made of wood. I also decorated the stands' platforms with Dark Grey for Germans w/Cross, Green & Tan for British, French and Americans w/roundels for their repective counties. I'm working on a light Grey for the Russians.

As you can see in the photos, the aircraft are mounted with 2 pieces of wire solder to a 5amp clamp. The overall clamp was then Hot Glue Guned to the aircraft. This served two puposes, 1, didn't ruined you work of art, and 2, you could pop them off, if you wanted to use the clamp on another plane if your running short. The bomber stand is the size of 4 hexes w/pole in the middle. I use just one elevation for bombers, makes it simple for gaming. The only modification I made to the bomber planes is I inserted a brass tube and glued it within the bomber. Then the plane can just sit on-top of the pole. All rods have a with cap on them, I use this for beginners. The we'll move to the elevation rules for more advance play. Normally after two games your ready for the advance stuff.

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