Allied aircraft Models
by Nigel Rayner

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Eduard 1/48 Nieuport 17 Profipack

Italian Nieuport-Macchi serial Ni 3647. The kit is built OOB with some additional cockpit details. Decals are by Blue Rider and the markings are for 77 Squadriglia in Villaveria, 1917.

Pegasus BE2e, 1/72nd

This is the Pegasus 1/72 kit, finished out of the box except for windshields (from acetate) and additional cockpit instruments/bezels (from Reheat). The PC10 is a custom mix of MisterKit Fokker Dark Green and Albatros RedBrown. The kit is finished as 5836 of 34 Squadron per the corrected colour scheme documented in Windsock July/August 2000.

Bristol M1c

This is the Blue Max 1/48 kit built straight out of the box (I even used the moulded on control horns an they worked ok). The only addition was a photo-etched ammunition belt from a Copper State Models set and some tyre decals courtesy of Bob Pearson. It is finished as C4912, Lt. Mosely's mount from 150 Squadron. The underside blue is a custom mix.

This is a really easy kit to build as it is a monoplane with simple rigging. The kit engineering makes it even easier as the wings are attached to part of the turtledeck as a one piece moulding, so there are no alignment problems. There were a few problems getting the cockpit interior to fit, but nothing major. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get started in WWI modelling. It's also a very attractive looking plane (pity about he PC12 though....).

Morane-Saulnier Type L

Kit: SRAM (1:144)

This is the SRAM 1/144 scale Morane L, completed as Rex Warneford's machine in which he downed Zeppelin LZ37 in 1915. The SRAM kits are basic - there are no struts or strut material included and the casting quality is not that good, with quite a few of pits and bubbles and some components short cast. They are also expensive but the level of detail is good and with work they turn out OK. I scratchbuilt all the struttery from fine plastic rod and stretched sprue and also added a representation of the prominent bomb release mechanism from stretched sprue. The model is finished in MisterKit paints (apart from the wood sections) and weathered with oil paints and Mig powders (which I find more effective than ground up pastel chalk). The photos were taken with my new Nikon D50 D-SLR and 50mm Sigma macro lens at f32.


Kit: Eduard (1:72)

The Eduard kit assembled as Frank Luke's machine. This is the Profi-pack version, which has one of the best and most complete interiors of any 1/72 kit. I added the oil filter (based on the pictures on the Memorial Flight website) from rod and fuse wire biut apart from that nothing else was needed. The plane was painted mainly with MisterKit French colours, although I did make my own mix for the brown. I did encounter some fit problems with the wings. The holes for the cabane struts were in the wrong place in the upper wing making it sit too far forward (so the interplane struts were angled slightly backwards). This required some fiddly correction, making this quite a hard build.

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