Allied Civilian aircraft
by Michael Robinson

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1911 Martin Handasyde

Kit: Pyro/Scratchbuilt (1:48)

This is a kit-bash/scratchbuilt effort using an old Pyro kit, mahogany veneer and a lot of fun. I scrapped the kit plastic fuselage and used it for a pattern to make the pieces out of 1/64th mahogany veneer. I sealed the grain and stained it with Minwax Polyurethane/stain combo, using a mahogany finish. Other than that I used kit pieces and modified them or corrected them. For a full step by step build, go to the Classic Aviation Forum and follow the thread I have there. It can be found at:

I took it to SYRCON this Sunday (10/17/05) and took first in Class as well as Best Aircraft, so I am happy with it. It's a cute little airplane and adds a splash of color and richness to my display case. Cheers Mike Robinson

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