British Models
by Dave Ruhling

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This is the scratchbuilt model of the HMS Warspite. Construction took three months. The project was thoroughly researched before construction began. Materials used were sheet styrene, and evergreen stock, and evergreen scribed sheeting. Model was painted with a mixture of Polly "S" and Humbrol enamels. Base is a mixture of Cellu-clay, and carpenters glue. Base was painted with artist's oils and then varnished.

This is the HMS Furious entirely scratchbuilt in 1/600th scale. Total construction took in excess of two years, mainly because of research. Materials used were sheet styrene and evergreen shape stock. Paints used were a mixture of Polly "S" and Humbrol enamels. The base is from Cellu-clay and carpenters glue. Painted with artists oils and then varnished. This ship was British ship used in WW1. It started life as a large light cruiser and was then transformed into the world's first aircraft carrier.

Airfix Bristol Fighter

In-progress shots

photos of the Airfix Brisfit. About the only thing left of the original kit is the fuselage, and that has been totally re-worked. The shape of the front has been changed considerably. The radiator grill is totally scratched as are the wings. The ribs and false ribs have been added from rod and plastic card. The landing gear, fuselage support struts and cabane struts are brass.

The completed model

deHavilland 1a

This is my 1/72 scale scratch built DeHavilland 1a.

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