German Models
by Dave Ruhling

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Albatros W.4

This is the Pegasus Albatros W4

Eduard Fokker E.III

In-progress shots of the Eduard Fokker E.III

Pegasus Halberstadt

In-progress shots of the Pegasus Halberstadt.

Sierra Albatros C.VII

This is the Sierra vac kit of the Albatros CVII. The kit was built OOB and rigged with stretched sprue.

Toko Fokker D.VI

This is the Toko Fokker DVI. The kit itself was slightly enhanced with the addition of handles on the fuselage sides, and control horns to all control surfaces.All struts and l/g have been replaced with brass rod. The lozenge is Eagle strike, and the face on the cowling is painted with oils. All rigging is stretched sprue.

Wings Hansa-Brandenburg W.12

This is the Wings 72 vac kit of the Hansa Brandenburgh W12-III. The kit was built OOB with the addition of scratchbuilt engine, exhaust, and radiator. Kit is fully rigged with stretched sprue. Model was painted with Humbrol enamels. All national markings are from the kit, including the Marine lozenge. The decals were of excellent quality. The base is pebble-grained plexi-glass painted with artist's oils and varnished.

Eduard Junkers J.1

This is the Eduard non-profi kit of the Junkers J1. Often called the flying furniture van it was designed to be a trench straffer. The heavily armored machine proved to be quite effective in the Great War.

This kit has been slightly "enhanced" with the addition of better handles on the fuselage sides, control horns on the tail surfaces, and aileron control rods have also been added. All decals are from the kit.

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