Allied aircraft
by Aiman Saleem

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Ansaldo S.V.A 5

Kit: Scratch Built (1:35)

After finishing my A-levels and getting my results, this is my new model. Got the plan from Grzegorz Mazurowski without that it would have been impossible to construct this plane. Built from scratch – from fuslelage to the tyres. For the fuselage I bought the softest block of wood I could find. Though I am very satisfied with how I have made the wings, fuselage and the other things, I am not at all happy with my paint job. Paint work for this model has been a total DISASTER. Craig Gavin’s mailed decal for the Italian camouflage did help in the finishing a lot. But it is clear how I messed up the decal on the wings. So terrible. I just hope that I do not screw up for my next model.

Morane Saulnier Type I

Kit: Scratch (1:33)

After four months of studying I at last had the chance to make a WWI aircraft, so I come up with Morane Saulnier Type I. Starting from scratch, I finished it in a month or so. It is completely made out of wood, wings from plywood. The fuselage and the wings are painted using aerosol paint. The skeleton decal is from a stationery shop with a few modifications. Rest of the body is hand painted using aerosol paint and normal wood paint. Added a few details to the cockpit but don't know whether it is the same as the original. Made the LeRhone engine cylinders by wood and used a thin copper wire around each of the cylinders. Overall, I think my model is just fine. I actually wanted it to have a more realistic look. I would like to thank Steve Cox for providing me with the plan of the aircraft, without his plan I don't think it would have been possible for me to construct this aircraft.

Nieuport 17

Kit: Academy Models (1:32)

Got this plastic Academy model kit from Malaysia in early December. It's out-of-the-box, no additions from my side. I must say, there is no fun in kits. All I did was fit the parts properly. Only painted it myself, though I had to do some heck of sanding to the fuselage as both halves were not exactly aligned. However, painting the Le Rhone engine was really nice as I mixed colours such as Black, Silver and white to give it a metallic black look. For me, scratch building is the best, cause that is when I ask God to help me as I get in trouble with the shapes. Certainly, this was my first as well as the last model from a kit.


Kit: From Scratch (1:30)

This 1/30 S.E.5.a is made from scratch. In my country, model airplane kits and books are NOT available. So I made this model aircraft by collecting data from the ineternet and from a few pics.There are a few mistakes in the paint and appearance. the wings are from plywood, the fuselage from guillow and rest of the small parts(guns etc) from wooden sticks. This is my first WWI model aircraft and I need help. If any one is willing to give me tips or help me any way then please mail them to me, I will be very thankful.

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