WWI Models
by Michael Scott

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This page is the main page for images of models built by Michael Scott . Each thumbnail will take you to a separate page with several images of that model. Some pages will have images of several different models. For more information, Michael can be contacted via E-mail at: mds549 at pacbell dot net .

Eduard Albatros D II 1/48

My first 1/48 scale build since returning to the hobby. The flaws are painfully obvious to me, but I consider this build as the first of many exercises in re-learning the craft. Many people on this list have been extremely helpful and kind in their criticisms and I appreciate you all. Using PE was a challenge, but I'm not totally turned off. Will try more with limits. This model suffered through brush painting and two new airbrushes - my first ones ever. The decals were good or terrible, depending. The rigging was, to my surprise, easy and straightforward. THANKS!, Uggie. I owe you one.

Eduard Camel F1 non-Profi

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Slowly working my way through the Eduard Camel kit. A few fit problems, but nothing a little patience, a #11 and a sanding stick didn't cure. These are obviously "in progress" shots. I've been reading advice from those on the list and putting some of that information to use. I'll add to the pictures as I progress through the building phase. I had to build the pushrods on the Clerget from stretched sprue as I couldn't get the originals off the tree without breaking them into molecular-sized pieces.

Michael Scott's Models

These three models - one pretty much complete, two in progress - are posted here for the express purpose of asking for critical feedback from the List members. There as been some discussion of late concerning the advisability and viability of using the list for critical discussion. Consider this as an experiment to test whether or not this kind of exchange will work. The models: F1 - my first model in over 40 years, marking my return to an early obsession. E III - the model that wrought my return to this hobby and has generated much planning and anguish over the upcoming rigging job (DURAS!, thanks, Uggie!) Albatros D II - just a damn cool airplane and one of my long time favorites. My ego is not on the line here, just my desire to learn to be a good modeler, so I welcome honest criticism and suggestions for improvements, however pointed

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