Central Powers
by Thomas Solinski

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von Ricthofen's Fokker Dr.I

Kit: Simprop (1:?)

Hi several of you have asked about my electric Fokker Dr-I. Well I finally got around to scanning some pictures. The kit is made by Simprop of Germany and it is considered to be a stand off scale "Park flyer" It has a 24 inch wingspan and is powered by a geared speed 280 motor. It is made from a hard skinned foam, and balsa. The kit comes all red; I added the OD and light blue to give it some character. It flies, just barely. There is a lot of drag and very little power. I have had it up to about 100 feet and tried some loops out of a nosedive but that's about it. I have heard that the US distributor, Hobby Lobby is having troubles getting the gearboxes for the motors and is considering a larger motor. If you are interested in electric R/C, start with some thing else. This takes most of my 7 active years of flying experience to fly in one piece.

Fokker D.VIII

Kit: VeeDay (1:72)

This is a twenty year old model. This started life in the 70's as a VeeDay kit and was finished sometime in 1980, It is my first and almost only attempt at improving a kit. The Cowling, engine, propeller, guns, pilot and wheels are from a Revell Dr-I. Decals are micro scale and VeeDay. As you can see the gloss coat hasn't yellowed in all these years.

Photos are taken with Sony Mavica FD-73 under a halogen 500W bulb. Photos adjusted with ArcSoft camera studio. The close ups are made by holding the lens as close to the subject as I can get it!

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