Tom Sollers' Figures

The following pictures are of Tom Sollers's figures. For more information, Tom can be contacted via E-mail at: His comments are below:

These figures were all created in either Sculpey or Promat ("Professional Modeling Material" marketed by Sculpey). Promat is similar to Sculpey, but is finer grained, less oily and has a firmer consistency. It stays pliable until fired at 200 degree in an oven. All are works in progress. All are sculpted to scale. I am currently preparing the photo-etched details to finish them.

1/16th scale

VE1602a Rittmeister Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen, April 1917, Roucourt. Requires addition of P/E medals and badge, cockades legging straps and epaulet detail.

VE1602b Detail of MVR.

VE1601a Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, June 1942, Tobruk. OK, so it's a bit ot. But he did serve in the first one. Requires addition of P/E cap eagle, medals and binoculars.

1/32nd scale

This group are all1/32nd scale. They were designed to compliment the British RFC pilots issued by Scale Link. Scale Link had announced plans for some 1/32nd scale aircraft, but I don't believe they ever materialized.

VE3201a A Jasta pilot in his 'Fliegerkombination' with Heinecke parachute harness. Figure awaiting details to harness.

VE3202a The Black Knight. Eduard Ritter von Schleich in his captured British flying coat. Figure awaiting P/E Pour le Merite..

VE3203a RFC mechanic/rigger.

1/48th scale

VEH4801a-f This is a series of 1/48 WWI personality heads I'm currently working on. All are sculpted to scale. They are Fonck, McCudden, Boelcke, Voss, Goering and Guynemer.

VEF4801 WWI RFC pilot in full flying kit.

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