Allied Model Images
by David Solosy

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Airco DH5

Kit: Czech Master (1:72)

1/72 Airco DH5 by Czech Master Resin. 68 (Australian) Sqdn., France, 1917. A lovely little kit and my first resin. Built a few years ago, and in hindsight there are a few things I would do differently now. Finished with Xtracolour paints.

Airco DH9

Kit: Airfix & Blue Rider (1:72)

1/72nd Blue Rider D.H.9 conversion kit fuselage and white metal details and the Airfix D.H. 4 wings and tail plane.

Private, Essex regiment

54mm figure by New Hope Design. Cat No.MA0070 Figure designed by Malcolm Dawson.

A sore and sorry Private of the First Battalion, Essex Regiment, 1918.

Trench section inspired by a photo I saw on a website. Ground work is mostly brown tiling grout poured over polystyrene packing foam. Shovel and ammo boxes from Scale Link. The duckboards, bench seat and other bits and pieces are scratchbuilt from scrap wood and plastic. Sandbags fashioned from Miliput.

The figure's face and hands are painted in oils; uniform and kit in combination of acrylics and enamels, and weathered with pastel chalk dust.

Reference: Osprey 081 The British Army 1914-1918 by R J Marion and D S V Fosten, artist G A Embleton.

Mark IV Female tank

Kit: Emhar (1:72)

1/72 Emhar Mark IV 'Female' tank. Straight out of the box. Drilled out guns and added a few tiny bits and pieces. Had excellent fun making the base from Spackle filler with buried duckboards, wooden wheel, rusty tin sheet, barbed wire (from copper wire) and lots of churned up earth.

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