Central Powers Model Images
by David Solosy

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Albatros D.Va

Kit: Eduard (1:72)

Eduard 1/72 Albatros D.Va - Straight out of the box. One of the finest kits I've had the pleasure of building. Plywood effect was achieved with base coat of Humbrol enamel, individual panels picked out with a slightly lighter mix of the same colour, with a wash of darker brown water colour and highlighted with lighter brown water colour. Sometimes you just fluke it and turns out better than you had expected. Machine gun cooling jackets from Fotocut and Roseparts seat were only aftermarket extras used. Scatchbuilt bulkhead behind pilot's seat, added pipe between radiator and engine and a few cockpit details.

Fokker Dr.I

Kit: Roden (1:72)

Roden Fokker Dr.I 1/72 - Pretty well straight out of the box as review model. Finished as MvR's 152/17. Added PE cooling jackets, seat belts, control horns, copper wire rigging, mostly Americal Gryphon decals. There was some apprehension about the shade of red, but in the end I was happy with the darker hue that I managed to achieve.

Fokker E.IV

Kit: ICM (1:72)

ICM Fokker E.IV in 1/72. Added cockpit detail (throw out the stupid instrument panel that comes with the kit), thinned trailing edges, control horns from acetate, rigging from nylon invisible thread. Severe castor oil staining was done with dark grey water colour pencil, then when completely dry, a dusting with dark brown pastel chalk. Relocated m/g openings. Should have added proper PE m/g cooling jackets, but didn't have any to hand at the time, so impatiently used the kit parts which had to be trimmed a lot to fit.

Brandenburg D.I

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

1/48 Brandenberg D.I by Eduard As flown by FP Oblt. Frank Linke-Crawford, Flik 41/J August 1917. I wasn't happy with the star struts on this kit. Somehow they just don't sit right. The fuselage wood effect is dark brown shou polish over a red brown Humbrol enamel. Wings highlighted and shaded with pastel chalk dust. I put far too much work into the cockpit and then closed it up and realised hardly anything can be seen.

von Richthofen bust

DML (Dragon) bust of MvR. Painted in oils.

German Pilot

The German pilot and ground crew in 1/48 by Jaguar. Beautifully sculpted by Mike Good. Appears to be based on the photo of Ltn. Pippart. Painting eyes in this scale is the pits. Mixture of enamels and acrylics for all but the flesh tones which are oil paints. Some dust and dirt simulated with pastel chalk dust. Hope Mr Good does some more WW1 figures.

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