St. Louis Jasta

The following pictures are of the "St. Louis Jasta" models. For more information, contact Charles Duckworth at: His comments follow:

A couple of months after subscribing to the WWI FAQ, I decided to see if there were other modelers in the St. Louis (Missouri) area that would like to meet informally. I made up a signup sheet (name and phone number) and had our local 'serious' hobby shop (CRM) post it up on a wall for a month. I received five names and gave them directions for meetings at my house. I didn't know if this would be our first and last meeting or if the concept would 'take off' on it's own. Well, five of us have been meeting once a month for almost two years. Regulars are Peter Fedders, Dave Layton, Charlie Duckworth (FAQ members), Gene Becker and Don Zelle. Peter, Gene and Charlie build in 1/48th, Dave builds in 1/48th and 1/72nd and Don is strickly 1/72nd. Our general meeting topics consist of someone bringing in the latest model they've completed or purchased for an 'in box review', the latest WWI aviation book aquired or decals issued and a discussion of 'how did you do that technique'. Meetings are generally two hours on a Friday starting at 7:00 pm.

I hope the list members enjoy a sampling of St. Louis Jasta's models, Charlie.

These 1/72nd models were all built by Don Zelle

The Fokker D.VI is a vacuum-formed kit (origin unknown). The Pfalz DIII is a Meikraft model. The Russian Sopwith Snipe is from Toko. and the Siemens-Schuckert D.IV was scratchbuilt.

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