Edward Swaim's Models

The following pictures are of Edward Swaim's dioramas and figurines. For more information, Edward can be contacted via E-mail at: eswaim@hotmail.com His comments are below:
Attached are several pictures for the gallery. The first is a converted Dragon 1/35 modern US figure. He's redone in the form of a Marine light Browning gunner of 1918. The second is another converted Dragon kit. The figures are from a set of Marines in Viet Nam. I reworked them to depict a soldier of the 372d Infantry Regiment, 93d Division attached to the French 157th "Red Hand" Division in 1918. The last picture is a 1/16 bust of Ernst Udet from the Dragon DVII kit. List members were able to supply all the details about colors of piping and other uniform details. I should've painted what I thought was a leather jacket as cloth coveralls, I think.

Here are some new figure photos for the WWI model gallery. The British soldier is a Scale Link 54mm figure, the Frenchman an ICM 1/35 figure from a Franco-Prussian War set--updated to 1914, and the American is a WWII Tamiya with the Scale Link helmet and some minor changes.

I'm a digest subsciber to the WWI Modeling Mailing List and very infrequent contributor.

Attached are some JPEGs of a diorama and a figure that I recently completed. I'd sure appreciate it if you'd post them on the images page.

I received lots of information from list members when I enquired about the 37mm gun that is the focal point of the diorama. The helpfulness of the list members is incredible!

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