Central Powers Models
by George B. Tenediotis

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Hansa Brandemburg W-29

Flashback Hansa Brandemburg W-29 in 1/48 scale.

Eduard 1/48 Scale Roland C.II

This is my latest OT project, a Roland CII in 1/48 from Eduard (non Profipack). The model depicts a machine from Abteilung A292(b) (reconnaisance unit), that is shown in a photo just after a rather unsuccesfull landing -a common desease of that type- in WS Datafile No 49. The CII is a beautiful plane and to me its most appealing disguise is the fish-scale cover.

In trying to represent that finish, I made masks from tamiya masking tape and then sprayed a variety of greys and blues in transclusent decal paper in a manner as to immitate the degradation of colours in the actual fish scale always having that single Datafile photo as additional reference.

Then, every individual scale was cut and placed on the model, trying to maintain full control of the application. I didn't succed however, the model compared to the picture should have the scales placed somewhat more tightly but overall I'm pleased (and in any case too tired to repeat).

Other additions were :

The rigging was done with monofilament thread all over. Paint was my own mix of Gunze, and LOTS of MIcro Set and Sol and then Future to calm the decals down (fish scale decals themselves were painted with Xtracolour blues and grays).

Still to be added are the windshield, Spandau additional details, wireless antenna, flare rack, new windows, prop manufacturer transfer, observer's seatbelts, radiator connection hose above the engine and some other things, basically I've moved to another project and rentered the model "completed", might finish it someday!

Overall, quite an enjoyable built, the kit is excellent, nice fit, quite accurate (provided that the scale plans in the Datafile are accurate too, I have my doubts about certain details!) and if I was to do it again I'd pay more attention to photos!

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