Jay Thompson's 3-D Allied Renderings

Two slighty war-weary Falcon III powered Brisfits of No.139 Squadron, Italy.

The cowl ring in reality wasn't white, it was natural metal. I made them white for technical reasons having to do with some limitations of the particular 3d modeling/rendering package I was using. Other than that, I believe the markings are accurate.

SPAD S.XIII of the U.S.' 22nd Aero Squadron, France, 1918

I remember seeing in some publication or other whose plane this was, but I'll be danged if I could find it when I was doing the rendering.

There is a fair amount of Photoshop work on top of the basic rendering- 3D Studio does not do true raytracing, does not do volumetric lighting, and does not include atmospheric effects (light distortion/refraction)- so to get an image to this point, you have to do a fair amount of more traditional painting work to make up for some of 3DS' failings.

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