Jay Thompson's 3-D Fokkers

Portrayed is Ernst Udet's well-known "Du Doch Nicht!!" (loosely translated as "Oh No You Don't!"), an early Fokker-built Fokker D.VII, assumed to be in the 200 series, but unfortunately the serial number is unknown. Udet went on a phenomenal scoring run in this aircraft in June 1918, gaining no less than ten victories that month before having it shot from under him by the gunner of a Breguet 14 on 29 June. In this particular engagement, a swirling dogfight with SPAD XIII's of SPA.96 on 25 June, Udet gained two more victories, the second being Cpl. Aury. This was also the last victory for "Du Doch Nicht!!"

The markings are based on the latest research of Dan-San Abbott, who has found new evidence that the white marking on the top of the fuselage was a single stripe, not two as he had previously depicted.

I hated having the cool markings on that second Jasta 8 DVII only being a background afterthought, so I rerendered it as a closeup and positioned it against a new background. Only took a little color balance fiddling to get it to work against the blue/white of this background. Speaking of background, this is a Bruce skyscape with clouds created in 3DS MAX with the Afterburn plugin. I added a wind spacewarp to the clouds to give a subtle motion-blur effect.

Unfortunately, as noted in the notes on the other Jasta 8 rendering, the pilot of this aircraft is unknown.

This image is two Jasta 8 Fokker DVII (OAW) in the series of serial numbers that started with 2000- very early OAW-built, in other words. Dan-San Abbott believes the foreground aircraft is that of Ltn. Walter Junck, but he is not sure. The pilot of the background aircraft, which has a cool penguin personal marking on the side of the fuselage, which unfortunately can't be seen from this angle, remains unidentified. If anyone has any information regarding this pilot, please let me know.

As with the other DVII you already have from me, this is modeled in 3D Studio Max R3.1, textures in Photoshop, rendered in Lightscape. The terrain was created in GenesisII, sky in Bryce3D (yes it does get complicated compositing it all together!).

Thanks to Dan-San Abbott for the markings, and much thanks to Mike O'Neal (ASAA) for all of his help in trying to teach a modeler to be an aviation artist.

Fokker DVII (OAW) of Ltn. Franz Meyer, Jasta 4, 1918. Many thanks to Dan-San Abbott for help on the markings and the lozenge colors. For the technically minded, modeled in 3D Studio MAX R3.1, textures in Photoshop, rendered in Kinetix' Lightscape.

Fokker DVII (OAW) of Staffelführer Franz Büchner, Jasta 13

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