Jay Thompson's 3-D Renderings

The following images were created by Jay Thompson ( vossie@mindspring.com ) using a 3D modeling / rendering package. I think of them as 'Electronic Models'. All the images on this page are copyright © Jay M. Thompson. Jay is very interested in any comments you may have - please feel free to e-mail him at the above address.

All of these were done on a tight schedule- from first scan of 3 view to finished and mapped model in 22 to 35 hours. One of these days I'm going to do a project for my own sake, and rebuild one of these planes down to every nut and bolt- since you do CAD/CAM, you know it can be done.

I'd like to do a half-covered, half-uncovered model, something like Hasegawa's 1/8th scale kits.

Fokker Renderings
Allied Renderings