German Images
by Hans Trauner

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Albatros D.II

Latest addition to my models is a Eduard D.II. It comes from a Non-profipack-kit as liked the decals versions offered with this variant. The guns are PE by Eduard, so I did not save any cent. The kit is the usual near perfect moulding as expected. The problems started when the Gunze Clear acrylic laquer did not hardened out within two weeks and I had to handle fingerprints. During rigging I hold the model on the upper wing and the whole thing crashed on the floor. I tried to use guitar string for rigging, but I am unhappy, to say the least. I will change back to 'unvisible thread' again. And at last: Decals are too large and the white bird started to dissolve when using a brush dampened with white spirit to remove oil based weathering. Model making is such a fun!

Tutschek's Fokker Dr.1

After some month of wwi modelling abstinence i have finished the new tooling Fokker Dr.I by Revell Germany. It is a complete new model and has nothing in common with the old version. Details are remarkable. The 08/15 are the best I have seen in 1/72, in my eyes there is no need to replace them by PE parts. Cockpit details are sufficient, but of course there is room for personal improvements. I only added seat belts from Tamiya tape, fixed with CA to make them waterproof. On the lower side of the fuselage I added a service hatch from metal foil.

Revell included decals for Richthofen's 425/17 with Eiserne Kreuze plus an option for Lothar von Richthofen's machine. I opted for a standard streaked version and made Tutschek's 404/17. The Militärnummer was taken from an old Microscale sheet despite the slightly wrong style, but I did not have any better decals. The Eiserne Kreuze are from the Revell sheet. These Revell Decals are really thin and follows any contours without any setting solution.

The camouflage was made with oils over Gunze acrylics. I mixed a shade of some brownish green and applied with a small broad brush over a dampended surface. For this dampening I used Dale Rowney's Low Odour Thinners. White Spirit will do it also. After finishing it took a week for complete hardening. After that some Gunze Flat brought the last finish.

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