Pfalz Model Images
by Hans Trauner

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Stark's Pfalz D.IIIa

The 1/72 Pfalz D.IIIa is made from the MAC kit, nearly oob. I did not use p/e guns as these are hardly visible on Pfalz, even on D.IIIa series. This was my first kit which was done with the help of list members. It represents Rudolph Stark's mount at Jasta 34b. All my sources I had at the time of the building were the Datafiles and so looks the model! After finishing I got more original prints from this machine and I realized that all struts have to be silbergrau and the rudder should be white. For those who likes better sources I include a drawing which shows the colouring more correct.

von der Marwitz's Pfalz D.IIIa

The model represents Hans Georg von der Marwitz' Pfalz D.IIIa, made from Eduard's 'Early Version' Pfalz D.IIIa. This kits includes markings for Degelow's and Berthold's machines. I did not want to make Degelow's a/c due to the discussion 'all black or not' and Berthold's machine in blue-red was a standard 'late', not 'early' Version. Volker Haeusler gave me the idea to make Marwitz' Jasta 30 machine. The D.IIIa started with 4190/17 and Marwitz' a/c was 4203/17, the 14th D.IIIa. The correct number of 'early versions' built is not known, it is estimated between 10 and 25. So Marwitz' 4203/17 lies within the range of this 'Early Version'.

The markings were taken from the 'Late version' kit, albeit Aeromaster is offering a decal sheet with these marking (Pfalz fighters Pt.II). The Aeromaster sheet was developed for Eduard's D.III, so the tail markings are not 100% exact for the D.IIIa kit. I opted for the 'Express Mask' -method from Eduard and it worked. Tamiya paints where used troughout and Orange X-6 is a perfect match for the hue needed on the tailplane.

Weathering was done with oils and pastels, rigging is from 'invisible thread'. All metal parts are picked out with 'Bare-metal-foil' which was made dull with steel wool. They could be painted light grey also as there seems to be variants in painting these hatches and other aluminium parts.

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