2000 IPMS/USA Nationals

These photo's were taken by David Burke. For more information, David can be contacted via E-mail at: dora9@sprynet.com

Trench Raiders diorama done masterfully by Steve Hustad.

I have no idea who did this lovely Alb. C.III in 1/72, but I want to take lessons!
Here are two shots of the 1/48 Albatros D. series collection. Love that Brumkowski pattern!

Here is a shot of a neat diorama depicting an OAW-built D.VII being serviced.

This is a very nice 1/72 Eindekker.

This FF.49 was built by Steve Hustad as well. Regardless, it was a real showpiece!

Here's our very own Lance Kreig's HB. 12 by Copper State. What more can I say?

This is Bill Powers' HB D.1. The finish is striking - overall just a great job.

Here's a Morane, done by someone whose name escapes me... :)

The Ansaldo Baby. It deserved everything that it won, too.

I like the strip-down kits. I thought that this Camel was nicely done in 1/72. What you can't see is that all of the bracing cables are in the fuselage and in the wings. I liked it!

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