WWI Models
by Jim Wallace

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This page is the main page for images of models built by Jim Wallace . Each thumbnail will take you to a separate page with several images of that model. Some pages will have images of several different models.

Jim has this to say:
I'm new to this scanning business and told it 600pixels wide at 200dpi, 256 colors but they're not as sharp as I'd like. It's an HP IIc. The ones I've send are models I've done. I do have a mix of real WWI photos from Old Rhinebeck and Aerodrome '92 and '94. Some detail shots, some flying, some entire plane shots. If you want to waste some disk space, I can send you those too.

For more information, Jim can be contacted via E-mail at: jmw3 at mindspring dot com .

Airco DH-2

1/48 Smer DH-2: This is pretty much out of the box too. I painted in cockpit details, and fully rigged it. Not a bad kit for the price.

Fokker D.VII

1/48 DML Fokker DVII: I did this one straight out of the box. With such a nice kit, my goal was to not mess it up!

Sopwith Triplane

1/72 Revell Sopwith Triplane: This one is fully detailed. Most details are scratchbuilt, some are from Tom's Modelworks. It has a complete cockpit, guns, inspection windows, bungeed landing gear, etc.

Line up !

1/72nd flightline: Here are some of my projects over the past couple years. The Tripe, another DH-2, MS-N, and Nieuport 17.

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