The John Marco Collection

These photographs come from the personal collection of John Marco. John has very kindly decided to share his collection of rare photos with the list members!

Full size This photo is of Douglas Campbell in his Nieuport 28 yes we all have seen it but this one is the one that was given to Central News Service NY by US government with all the official stamps on the back dated Jun. 11 1918 and on the front you will see two black lines and arrows where Central News Service decided to crop the photo before issuing out to books and magazines publishers.
Full size
Full size Nieuport with skull and cross-bones

New Info: it has come to light by Eric Gallaud, that Michael Fletcher profile identify it as a USAS training plane repainted in early 1919, as you can see from the back side of the photo it was tacking in France 1918.

Full size SPAD
Full size Morane
Full size DH-4
Full size Fokker D.VII
Full size A line-up of Nieuports
Full size DH-4 in side view
Full size Nieuport and DH-4
Full size This is the back sides of the 8 photos note the black paper from the old pitcher book, who ever was taking the photos was calling everything Spads and Nieuports, I think he did not know his planes very well.
Full size This photo is believed to be Lieutenant Walter B. Barneby for his name is on the back side but no date, if this is W.B. Barneby then this is one of the very few if any at all photos of him.
Full size
Full size This photo is of a German Flyer with plane, I think the plane is Rumpler built for its heaviness in construction, the pilot is not know, nothing on back side.

New Info: it has come to light by Diego Fernetti & Neil Crawford, The airplane is a Nieuport monoplane and the pilot is Lt. Petr Nikolaevich Nesterov, as pointed out by Michael Fletcher profile, and is suspect of being a later reprint.

Full size This photo IMHO is suspect of being a later reprint, why! because the whole photo is gloss over, I do not think back then they would have that as an option when getting you photos done, I maybe wrong ;-) all the browns are like the other photos I have and even came with them, but it is an interesting one, the photo is of an early Nieuport with the small fairings behind the cowl and Lewis on top wing an from a 3:4 view back side the pilot is in it looking at you! clear, what else is clear is a hand painted marking, a large letter L in swirls with the letter R over the long stem of the L, so, who's ever marking that is, we are more then likely looking at him in the plane, nothing on the back side.

New Info: it has come to light by Robert Karr & J.R. Boye, that this is Raoul Lufbery`s plane but not R. Lufbery in it, Robert Karr points out that, C&C USA vol.24 #3 autumn 1983, page says here, Dudley Hill in the cockpit.

Full size Fokker D. Vll side view, note she is unarmed and the big light color band around the fuselage nothing on the back side.
Full size SE5- 3:4 front view, note she is unarmed and the top cowling to the motor is off nothing on the back side.
Full size This photo is of the Bristol Boxkite believed to have been taken around the day of the great air race if not the day it self.
Full size This photo is of a Jenny looking through what is believed to be and early gun or bomb site lens, note the name Miller, RN on the left hand side.
Full size SPAD
Full size Nieuport
Full size This photo I call prop starter for that is what's going on in the photo. Geoff Smith identifies the craft as a Standard JR-1B
Full size I call this photo, (Birds eye view) I do not know if it was taken from a plane or a balloon.
Full size In the trenches some where on the western front.
Full size The text on the back refers to a Morane, but Matt Bittner and Michael Arlt identify it as a Mosca MB bis
Full size
Full size Morane Saulnier
Full size DH4, note what the person said on the back side about the motor.
Full size

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