UK IPMS Nationals, 2003

The following were submitted by Steve Cox. They were taken at the UK IPMS Nats at Telford.

Albatros D.Va, 1:48

Bleriot XI, 1:48 Scratchbuilt by Manel A. Gallart i Lloret. The model can be also seen at his booth in the modelling pages.
Sopwith Camel 2F1
Sopwith Camel Eduard 1:48
Caudron J
Fokker Dr.1 (?)
Fokker D.VIII or E.V "Sea Eagle" in 1:72 and 1:48
Brandenburg W.20 (first version)
Otto Doppeldecker
Eduard Junkers J.1
Lebedenko Tsar tank, 1:72 Kora
Caproni Pensuti 1:32 Scratchbuilt by Giampaolo Sellitto of Italy, entered for the Woollett Trophy.
Roland C.II, Airfix 1:72
Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter (probably 1:72 Roden)
Caproni CA.20 1:48 scratchbuilt by Giampaolo Sellitto of Italy.
Short 184 scratchbuilt by Nicholas Poncini of Switzerland. He won the Wings'n'Wires trophy. (Pic by Joel Christy)
The Wings'n'Wire model display table (Pic by Joel Christy)

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