Re: Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Brad Hansen (
Tue, 2 Jan 1996 01:11:02 -0800 (PST)

> Merry Christmas and best holiday wishes to all on the WW1 aviation
> list and a special thanks and wishes for a joyous new year to Alan
> for keeping and maintaining what is a most enjoyable list.

Happy New Year from an old time WWI enthusiast and a neophyte computer
user. My wife is showing me how to do this, but I may make a few flubs,
so be patient. I don't get to use the computer much, and found I had
about 700 messages piling up on this WWI maillist. Interesting reading.
Some of you may be familiar with a book I wrote back in 1979, WWI In
Plastic; it's fun to see how many predictions I got wrong, and a few
comments I made that are still valid. Let me just point out that this is
the first time in thirty years that you can go down to a hobby shop and
buy an injection molded 1/48 Fokker DVIII; in fact two different ones if
you can get to a better hobby shop. I think it's fantastic!

> Cheers to all! May your significant other at last see the light
> and finally give you an Eduard kit or "Austro-Hungarian Army Aircraft
> of World War One".

I didn't get a model kit for Christmas this year (bummer!), but regarding
the Eduard kits; I was at San Antonio Hobbies in Mt. View California
(great hobby shop) recently, and saw all of them laid out before me and
realised that to get them all would cost about $200.00! A far cry from
the Hawk Spad for 50 cents; still, who'd o' thought anyone would ever do
a Hansa-Brandenburg Star Strutter in 1/48 scale? My only gripe about the
current flood of kits is the price. Really, some of my old collectible
kits are cheaper than the current new crop.

Well,I don't want to go on too long; but it's nice to know there are a
few others out there infected with the WWI virus. Cheers, and Happy 1996!

Brad Hansen