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Matt Bittner (
Tue, 2 Jan 1996 08:55:29 -0500

On 2 Jan 96 at 18:37, Vincent Price typed diligently:

> I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. I did and
> now it's time for a new project.

I'm probably one of the few on the list who *didn't* get any hobby
related stuff over the holdiays. <groan> Ah well, life will go on, I

> I am starting on a Dragon (DML) Fokker Dr.1 in the colours of
> Ltn Steinhauser (Jasta 11, 1918).

Quite a nice kit. Were your wings warped? I've got two - on built -
and *all* wings in *both* kits were warped. Now I understand why
someone else called them a "medium" size manufacturer. ;-o

> Does anyone have mixes (Humbrol et al) for the Olive and Turquoise
> used in the standard finishes on these aircraft?

Turquoise was only standard on the F.1's - I believe. Although there
could have been variations, it's my understanding that the tripes
were Olive over clear doped linen. However, correct me if I'm wrong.

> Also, have just finished Peter Kilduff's "Richthofen, Beyond the
> Legend of the Red Baron" and was semi-disapointed. It's very much
> a quick pastiche of the man and his career and doesn't really get
> into any meat. The superficial nature of the text combined with the
> authors inability or lack of desire to draw any new or interesting
> conclusions left me unsatisfied.

Such a shame. I'm finding it difficult to purchase because I'm not
an MvR fan. However, the only interesting tidbit for me is the info
on the Albatros C.IX. Anybody willing to share that info? I've got
the XtraVac kit, and since there were only a few made, thought I
would make it MvR's - just as a change of pace. :-) TIA!


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