Eduard 1/72 Fokker D.VIII

Randy J Ray (
Tue, 2 Jan 1996 16:48:20 -0700 (MST)

Just bought this gem over the weekend, and I have a few questions, due mainly
to lack of reference material (and lack of dollars to buy said materials):

1) The lozenge appears to be essentially the same as the 1/48 (which I also
have). Looks like the whole sheet is just scaled down. Is this pattern
correct in colors?

2) The wing looks pretty darn smooth. Did the D.VIII have a smooth plywood
wing, or should I be preparing to work some ribbing and texturing in there?

3) The color naming on the instructions being fairly sparse, what should I
paint the interior, presuming that I use the lozenge decals? In this, I
mean the structure, as well as the fuselage sides. (Note: in the 1/72
pressing, I noticed that Eduard has etched the cockpit in either stainless
steel, or nickel. Either way, it is not brass.)

Once I know the answers to these, I might actually start. I was about to
start the Sopwith Baby, but would rather do this. I really want to do a more
complete kit as my first WWI effort, so I have avoided the Revell D.VII or
Airfix Roland C.II, since their simpler design would draw the AMS beast out
of me, and I'd never get them done. The D.VIII, I can do mostly OOB, save for


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