RE: Eduard 1/72 Fokker D.VIII
03 Jan 96 11:04:00 EST

Hi Randy,

Some partial answers, and I'm sure the others will add their ha'pence

>1) The lozenge appears to be essentially the same as the 1/48 (which I
> have). Looks like the whole sheet is just scaled down. Is this
> correct in colors?

It's a bit bright but not unconscienably so in the tiny amount used on a
D.VIII in that scale. If I were you I'd use it - simply to get it done -
and defy anyone to prove it's wrong (Gag Charles FIRST ;-)

>2) The wing looks pretty darn smooth. Did the D.VIII have a smooth
> wing, or should I be preparing to work some ribbing and texturing in

The wing is ply covered overall, so smooth is exactly how it should be.

>3) The color naming on the instructions being fairly sparse, what should
> paint the interior, presuming that I use the lozenge decals? In this,
> mean the structure, as well as the fuselage sides. (Note: in the 1/72
> pressing, I noticed that Eduard has etched the cockpit in either
> steel, or nickel. Either way, it is not brass.)

You'll want the interior fabric to look like a faded (paler) loz. In 1:72
you can probably get away with brushing a patchy approximation into the
teensy area that you'll be able to see. The seat would probably be linen
colour (a cover usually fitted to aluminium and ply seats as far as I
know), and the framework is a very dark tone in photos, so probably

>Once I know the answers to these, I might actually start. I was about to
>start the Sopwith Baby, but would rather do this. I really want to do a
>complete kit as my first WWI effort, so I have avoided the Revell D.VII
>Airfix Roland C.II, since their simpler design would draw the AMS beast
>of me, and I'd never get them done.

Just build it mate, you'll enjoy it !

>The D.VIII, I can do mostly OOB, save for rigging.

And there's sod all of that ...